Make your home grand with the Simple Chandeliers

Some facts about chandeliers
Chandeliers are light fixtures which are hung from the ceiling. The word chandelier has been derived from the French word chandelier which is derived from the Latin word candelabrum. They are decorative and elegant in structure and look. They are used to ornate living rooms or hall rooms. There are several kinds of chandeliers available. You can get elaborately designed vintage styled chandeliers or the modern and sleek designs. Crystal chandeliers are classic chandeliers which have a complex structure. If you are looking for something less complex, then simple chandeliers with crystal prisms are the best.

Simple Chandeliers
Earlier, candle was used as the source of light to light up chandeliers. During the medieval times, candle chandeliers were common in wealthy homes. From the 15th century, the design of chandeliers became more detailed and complex and they were used in homes of clergy, merchants and nobility. Those chandeliers were fixed at a place and moving them wasn’t an option because of its huge size, grandeur design and heavy weight. These days, modern and Simple Chandeliers are available which can add elegance to your room. Simple chandeliers are not complex in design and structure. You can get them in materials like crystal or metal. The light sources are usually LEDs or bulbs. Available in different styles like classic, elegant, grand, sleek, simplistic, simple chandeliers can be hung in the drawing room, the dining room or your bedroom.

Simple Chandeliers
Features of simple chandeliers:
Simple Chandeliers can be found in simple yet elegant style. Their beauty lies in their simplicity. They can be of contemporary and modern styles that are futuristic in looks.
It needs effort and time to maintain a chandelier in a good condition. Simple chandeliers are less complex in design. Hence, they do not require high maintenance. Therefore, you can accessorize your home with these lamps at ease.