A right shower curtain can be an enhanced decor for bathroom

Living condition has improved then people require more higher life quality increasing for whom begin to enjoy life. Bathtubs are used by many families for which can relax leisurely when people taking shower in the bathtub. There should be cute unique shower curtains in the bathroom where there is bathtub. Many people might not pay attention to, shower curtain selection is important job. A right shower curtain can be an enhanced decor or can be an ice on cake for your bathroom. There are some tips.

First id shower curtain fabric

When doing shower curtain buying, curtain fabric should be came to first place for which is basic and poor material is not good for home shower curtain making.

Second is shower curtain hand touch

The more softer hang touch the better quality shower curtain is. And then those kinds of shower curtains are good for bathroom decoration.

Third: water-proof and fast dry qualities

Shower curtains water-proof and become dry features. Too thick fabric shower curtain difficult to dry after wetting and easy mildew. So do not take those shower curtains home.


Fourth is shower size

Except to shower curtain pattern and material, curtain size should be pay more attention to. Curtain width is meter wider than bathroom wide and keep an appreciate high from floor length.

Fifth is shower curtain color

Depending on what you like to choose your colored shower curtain. If there is white color bathroom, cute shower curtain would be good idea to be a decor here for cute shower curtain can be an ice on cake appearance. Of course cute shower curtain should go with everything in bathroom. More than 3 main colors included in a room is top much to look mass.

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